German Pith Helmet Replica


– Exact copy of the original!
– Best replica on the market!
– Side shields made with real metal.
– Exact weight as originals.
– Fully adjustable liner.
– Money Back Guarantee
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Helmet Specs:

– Exact copy of the Afrika Korps original pith helmets!
– The #1 replica on the market!
– Side shields made with real metal.
– Side shields have the same colors as the originals.
– Exact weight as the originals.
– Fully adjustable liner.
– Money Back Guarantee
– Fast shipping with USPS.

Is this item new made? Yes, this is a new made helmet which is an exact copy of an original helmet, but for a lot less money.

About The German Pith Helmet:

The “pith helmet” (also known as the sun helmet, safari helmet, topee, sola topee, salacot or topia) is a lightweight cloth-covered helmet made of cork or pith (pith is a pressed dried white plant matter). The pith helmet was designed to shade the wearers’ head from the hot sun, pith helmets were often worn by European in the tropics/desserts.

The German Afrika Korps pith helmet had ventilation holes in the crown (the top part of the helmet), had 2 metal shields; one on the right and one on the left of the helmet, and was khaki in color. The right shield had the German national colors (black, white, red) and the left shield had the German eagle with a swastika.

^^ (Above Photo): A colorized photo of a German solider wearing the Afrika Korps uniforms with a pith helmet.

Our German Afrika Korps pith helmet replicas have been replicated to the exact specs, weight, and color as the original pith helmets. The two (2) metal shields on the side of the helmet have been replicated to have exact color and weight as the original helmets.

The helmet liners are fully adjustable and fits head sizes US 7 (56cm) up to US 8 (64cm).

Our beautiful German Afrika Korps pith helmet replicas that we sell are the highest quality replicas on the market today. We buy from the best suppliers in the world, and will never sell you poor quality products. We are collectors ourselves and make sure that the helmets are made with the exact specs, weight, and color as the originals, but for a fraction of the price!

Questions & Answers:

Q: Are your helmets exact replicas of the originals?
A: Yes they are! Our replicas are made exactly how the original German pith helmets were made back in WWII. They have the same weight, specs, and color as the originals. Other than our helmets being brand new and never used, you wont be able to tell the originals and replicas apart.

Q: What if I dont like your pith helmets?
A: No problem, if you do not like the quality of our products, you may send the helmet back within 30 days for a full refund including shipping! We do not charge a restocking fee either!

Q: Are your pith helmet shield details accurate?
A: Yes, they are made of metal and are painted the same colors as the originals.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Shipping for this item is $9.99 and will take 3-4 days to get to your door.