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The Afrika Korps Palm Tree & Swastika

The Truth Behind the Afrika Korps’ Fabled Helmet Insignia There is a scene in the first film in the Indiana Jones franchise, Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Jones encounters some Nazis. These have a curious symbol on their vehicles, showing a swastika and a palm tree. This logo is not ahistorical. It was indeed […]

The Top Ten Tanks Of WWII

The Second World War was in many ways the war of the tanks. While these heavily armored vehicles had first been developed and utilized during the First World War, and though they have been used ever since by armed forces, the Second World War was really epitomized by tank warfare, in the same way which [...]

What’s The Rough Coating On German WW2 Tanks?

Have you ever wondered what the rough “cement” looking coating on German tanks during World War 2 was used for? A LOT of people have asked the same question, so I figured I would write up a short blog post to explain why German tanks were sometimes painting with that. The dried cement looking coating […]