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The German army, called the Wehrmacht in German, was once the most powerful army in Europe, and was the cause of World War II. Germany invaded Poland in 1939 which set off the start of the Second World War, were over 75,000,000+ people died. The war ended in 1945 with the surrender of Germany and the death of

The German Army used a few different helmet types during the war, but made no significant changes to their helmets from 1934, in which they designed and produce the M1935 helmet. The German’s did make some minor changes and improvements to their helmets, most notably in 1942 when they removed the smooth rolled-edge in order to save time and metal.

We sell all types of German WW2 helmet replica’s such as the M35 and the M42. We also have specialized WW2 helmet replica’s such as the German Afrika Korps M35, the German Afrika Krops Pith Helmet, and the infamous German Fallschirmjäger Helmet.