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Disinformation Behind Enemy Lines at the Battle of the Bulge: Operation Greif

The winter of 1944 saw Nazi Germany undertake its last offensive campaign of the Second World War. The Battle of the Bulge was undertaken in the heavily forested Ardennes region straddling Belgium and Luxembourg in December 1944. The goal here was to launch a surprise counter-attack against the advancing US 12th Army Group and the […]

The Bloody Escape At Amiens: Operation Jericho

The Second World War witnessed many great escapes of resistance fighters from occupied countries and Allied prisoners of war from German controlled territory across Europe. The most famous was surely the ‘Great Escape’ from the Stalag Luft III POW camp. Others were carried out, attempted or just planned and there was an entire department in […]

The Other Allied Invasion of France: Operation Dragoon

The Allied invasion of northern France with the D-Day landings of the 6th of June 1944 has understandably been focused on as a major episode in the Second World War, as the long-awaited Western Front was opened in Europe. But the campaign in Normandy often completely overshadows events elsewhere, notably the fact that the Western […]

A Day In The Life Of A German Soldier In The Trenches Of The First World War

The experience of the First World War was in many ways more disturbing for an average soldier than that of even the Second World War. While the fighting at Stalingrad or Moscow in 1942 and 1943 was brutal, the sheer claustrophobia and psychological terror of the trench warfare which defined the First World War was […]

Opening a Front in Greece: Operation Tenement

Much of our perception of the latter stages of the Second World War is often focused exclusively on the Western and Eastern Fronts as the Western Allies moved east from France into Germany and the Russians barreled through Poland towards Berlin. But there were several other fronts being opened and fought in during 1944 and […]

The World’s First Inter-Continental Weapon: The Japanese Fu-Go Balloon Bombs

It is often assumed that the world’s first inter-continental weapon system was the Convair B-36 Peacemaker, a US strategic bomber which was the first plane of its kind capable of flying between continents without refueling. Designed to hold a nuclear bomb it gave the United States the ability to launch nuclear strikes against Russia or […]

Preparing for D-Day: The Dieppe Raid

Operation Jubilee: August 19th, 1942 Sometimes victory can be rescued from the jaws of defeat. This is certainly a maxim which applies to the Dieppe Raid by the Western Allies against the German-occupied French town of Dieppe in mid-August 1942. Viewed from a purely statistical perspective the Dieppe Raid, or Operation Jubilee, as it was […]

Keeping Russia Supplied After Operation Barbarossa

The Allied Arctic Convoys (1941 – 1945) On Sunday the 22nd of June 1941 Operation Barbarossa, Nazi Germany’s invasion of Soviet Russia, was initiated. This was the largest ever invasion campaign undertaken by a nation state against another country and involved three million Axis troops, 600,000 motorized vehicles, 3,500 tanks and over 4,000 aircraft. In […]

The Afrika Korps Palm Tree & Swastika

The Truth Behind the Afrika Korps’ Fabled Helmet Insignia There is a scene in the first film in the Indiana Jones franchise, Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Jones encounters some Nazis. These have a curious symbol on their vehicles, showing a swastika and a palm tree. This logo is not ahistorical. It was indeed […]

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