German M35 Afrika Korps Helmet Replica


– Shell is large – Size 68
– Fits Heads sizes 7 (56cm) up to 7 5/8 (61cm)
– DAK palm tree swastika decal
– Made with high quality steel.
– Exactly the same as the original.
– Same weight as original.
– 100% return policy.

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About The German M35 Afrika Korps Helmet

In 1940, one year before the German invasion of Africa, the Tropical Institute of the University of Hamburg was already designing desert fighting gear for the German Army. They designed an whole new lightweight cotton uniform and cork pith helmet, which would replace the wool uniforms and steel helmet used in the European theater. Some DAK soldiers were assigned the Pith helmet, while some were issued with the M35 or M40 steel helmet.

The normal apple green of the M35 and the grey color of the M40 were unsuitable for desert fighting, thus the Heeresmitteilung (Army Communiqués) issued the order Nr. 281 authoring the use of tan paint for camouflage for the North African theater was issued March 17th, 1941. The order specified that the color used was designated under the Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen color standard codes as RAL 8000 aka Geldbraun (brown yellow). A new order on March 25th, 1942 mandated a new color 8020 Braun (brown), but the order stated that the older RAL 8000 was to be used up first.

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They painted the helmets in North Africa using a spray gun or a normal paint and brush. Due to the harsh weather of the African desert, they were usually painted several times over the course of the campaign.

About Our Reproduction Helmet

This helmet is a new made reproduction of the original tan M35 DAK helmet.

Our German DAK helmets took over a year to develop and are made with 1.8mm thick steel, which is exactly the same thickness used by the Germans in WWII. The helmet shell is a large size (size 68) and has the correct M1935 rolled edge as well as the correct M1935 hollow rivet ventilation holes. We stamped the code 1575 at nape and ET68 over ear to make it even more original looking. All of this makes the helmet the same weight as the original helmet.

The liner is a exact copy of the original M35 liners and has the correct eight finger configuration with central drawstring and an M1931 aluminum liner band that is maker marked, dated, and size stamped. Liner size can fit head sizes 7 (56cm) up to 7 5/8 (61cm). We use real leather on the liners.

The helmets are painted in desert tan “8020 Braun” with DAK palm tree decal on the right-hand side, and a tri-band shield on the left-hand side.

Australian Diggers guarding members of the German DAK. Both German soldiers are wearing the desert tan M35’s.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Are your helmets exact replicas of the originals?
A: Yes they are! Our replicas are made exactly how the original German pith helmets were made back in WWII. They have the same weight, specs, and color as the originals. Other than our helmets being brand new and never used, you wont be able to tell the originals and replicas apart.

Q: What if I don’t like your helmets?
A: No problem, if you do not like the quality of our products, you may send the helmet back within 30 days for a full refund including shipping! We do not charge a restocking fee either!

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Shipping for this item is $14.99 and will take 3-4 days to get to your door.