German M16 Helmet Replica


– Fits sizes 7 (56cm) – 7 5/8 (61cm)
– All leather chinstrap
– Field Grey aka “Feldgrau”
– Most used German WWI helmet.
– Made with high quality steel.
– Exactly the same as the original.
– Same weight as original.
– 100% return policy.

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Helmet Specs:

– Fits sizes 7 (56 CM) – 7 5/8 (61 CM)
– Shell size is 68 CM
– The shell is 1.8mm thick steel
– All leather chinstrap
– Field Grey aka “Feldgrau”
– Most used German WWI helmet.
– Made with high quality steel.
– Exactly the same as the original.
– Same weight as original.
– 100% return policy.

Is this item new made? Yes, this is a new made helmet which is an exact copy of an original WW1 helmet, but for a lot less money.

When was this helmet actually used? Germany started issuing the new steel M1916 (Stahlhelm) helmets to their troops in 1916 during WWI (World War I). The new steel helmets replaced the old Pickelhaube helmets (the German spiked helmet) that were used by German troops from 1842 until 1916.

About The German M16 Helmet:

The M1916 model helmet was the first German design of the new steel helmets. The M1916 helmets were used by the German Imperial Army in 1916 during World War I, hence the name “M1916″ (Or M16 for short).

The M16 helmets had 2 horn-like ventilator lugs which were intended for, but rarely used for additional steel brow plate (Stirnpanzer). The 2 ventilator horns caused problems with cold air getting into the helmet in the winter time, which the soldier had to fix either by using mud or cloth to cover the inlets, which is why the German Army did not add the lugs to later versions of the helmet.

The M16 helmets were painted the normal field grey color (Feldgrau) at the factories, but most troops camouflaged the helmets themselves with paint, mud, and foliage to make it harder for the enemy to see them in combat.

The M16 helmet did have a big flaw, it used leather for its liner, which broke down overtime in the trench warfare. The leather liner was replaced by a metal one in 1918 and called the M17.

^^ (Above Photo): A captured German solider at a British field hospital during the Battle of Épehy in World War I lights a cigarette of a British solider. The German solider is wearing the iconic German M16 helmet. Photo: Lt. Thomas K. Aitken, British Army Photographer, Imperial War Museums.

About Our German WW1 M16 Helmets:

Our German M16 helmet replicas are the highest quality helmets on the market. Our German M16 replicas are copied exactly from original German M16 helmets and have the same specs, weight, and color as the originals. If you hold one of our M16 replica helmets in one of your hands, and a original M16 in your other hand, you wont be able to tell the difference, other than the fact that our helmet is brand new and never used.

Our German M16 helmet replicas for sale feature a thick real leather chin strap that is adjustable. The helmet liner is also made with real leather and is fully adjustable as well. Guys, these are high quality reproductions. We only sell the highest quality replica helmets on the market! We are collectors ourselves, and we will never sell you crappy quality replicas.

Our German WW1 replica helmets would look great in your collection today!

Questions & Answers:

Q: Are the helmets exact replicas of the originals?
A: Yes they are! They are made exactly how the original German M16 helmets were made back in WWI. They have the same weight, specs, and color as the originals. Other than our helmets being brand new and never used, you wont be able to tell the originals and replicas apart.

Q: What if I dont like your M16 helmets?
A: No problem, if you do not like the quality of our products, you may send the helmet back within 30 days for a full refund including shipping! We do not charge a restocking fee either!

Q: Is the liner exactly the same as how the originals were made?
A: Yes, the liners are exact copies of how the original M16 helmets were made a hundred years ago.

Q: How long does shipping take?
A: Shipping for this item is $14.99 and will take 3-4 days to get to your door.