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Pak 40 vs Ford F-150

Have you ever wondered.. what would happen if you shot a Ford F-150 with a German Pak 40. Now in case you don’t know what the Pak 40 is, it’s a 75mm anti-tank gun produced during the war from 1942-1945. About 20,000 of these bad boys were made during the war. The Pak 40 had the same size gun as the Panther tank.

Check out the video below of the Fullmag crew destroying a Ford F-150 with a Pak 40. If you have any questions about the Pak 40, feel free to leave a comment.

I asked Dan, the owner of the Pak 40, how much it costs to shoot it, and he said it costs around $100 to reuse a shell. The projectile is usually destroyed, so the costs is for the powder, projectile, and primer. To have a whole new round made, it costs around $450 for everything.

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^^ (Above Photo): German soldiers using a Pak 40 in October of 1943, notice how 2 of the soldiers have to apply their body weight on the gun.