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The Top Ten Tanks Of WWII

The Second World War was in many ways the war of the tanks. While these heavily armored vehicles had first been developed and utilized during the First World War, and though they have been used ever since by armed forces, the Second World War was really epitomized by tank warfare, in the same way which [...]

Australian Special Forces: Z Force

Z Special Unit and Allied Assaults on Singapore during the Second World War: Operation Jaywick (September 26th, 1943) and Operation Rimau (October 10 – 16th, 1944) The Pacific War which occurred from 1941 to 1945 was a war unlike any other before it. Wars are generally fought across large expanses of land with the explicit […]

Dams and ‘Bouncing Bombs’

Operation Chastise (May 16th – 17th, 1943) By 1943 it had become clear that Germany and its allies were almost certainly set to lose the Second World War in Europe, as the Russians continued to push the Wehrmacht back westwards and the Allies contemplated opening new fronts in the south and west of the continent. […]

Attacking Nazi-Occupied France…in Canoes!

Operation Frankton (December 7th – 12th, 1942) Many raids were carried out by British commandos against Nazi-occupied Europe during the course of the Second World War. From western France all the way north to the fjords of Norway these took in a vast swathe of territory and were carried out in many different ways. Some […]

Hitler’s Soft Underbelly – The Invasion of Sicily

Opening a Southern Front: Operation Husky and the Allied Invasion of Sicily (9 July – 17 August 1943) Generally speaking if we hear mention of the Allies invading Nazi-occupied Europe during the Second World War we conjure up images in our heads of the June 6th, 1944 when several hundred thousand Allied troops landed on […]

Drug Use, the Nazis and the Second World War

When looking back at the Second World War perhaps one of the most unusual aspects of the entire conflict is the speed and seeming ease with which Nazi Germany overran and conquered the Low Countries and France in just a six week period in the summer of 1940. After all the Allied forces of Britain […]

Preventing Hitler From Acquiring a Nuclear Bomb

The Norway Heavy Water Raids, 1940–1944 What would have happened if the Nazis had acquired the capacity to develop a nuclear bomb during the Second World War? It is a troubling thought. Perhaps they might have shown some restraint in utilizing it in the early stages of the war. After all, even the Nazis would […]

The Emergence of Modern Aerial Warfare

The Development of Aerial Combat during the First World War – Part II As we saw in Part I of this discussion of the development of Aerial Combat during the First World War the first years of the conflict between 1914 and 1916 were a formative period during which the major powers experimented with very […]

From Zeppelins to Bomber Planes

The Development of Aerial Combat during the First World War – Part I Just over a decade before the outbreak of the First World War in August 1914 the first heavier-than-air powered aircraft was successful launched into the sky. This occurred at Kitty Hawk in North Carolina on the 17th of December 1903 when Orville […]